Monday, 5 May 2014

Doxy - Miles Davis

Doxy, taken from the album Walkin' in 1954, is pretty much a blues, not 12 bar here though it's a 16 bar.  A major contributing artist during the bop era, Miles Davis is a master of economy and this tuneful solo of his is one of my favourites.  It really swings along at a nice tempo and there is also trombonist J.J Johnson on this album known especially for his bluesy soloing.  Once you've had a listen to this version by Miles follow it up by listening to Sonny Rollins' version from the 1963 album "Our Man In Jazz" and listen to what can be done to the simple tune.

You can find all the song transcriptions on my YouTube playlist:

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Doxy Transcription - Miles Davis
Doxy - Miles Davis

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