Saturday, 31 May 2014

Someday My Prince Will Come - Wynton Kelly (Miles Davis)

They'll be more Miles solos to come on my blog but this solo is Wynton Kelly playing on the song Someday My Prince Will Come from the Miles Davis album of the same name.
When I first started listening to jazz, me being a guitarist it was the blue notes that drew me to it. Having enjoyed the music of Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton and figured out how to play pentatonic blues ideas I was impressed by the melodic nature of jazzers.  In their solos could be heard long, beautiful melodic lines and great bluesy ideas which all fitted tastefully into a formed solo.  The added harmonic and rhythmic complexity made me realise that if I was going to play this music, which I dearly wanted to, I was going to have to learn more than I already knew.
Wynton Kelly was a fantastic accompanist (accompianist?) and soloist, enjoy my transcription.  

You can find all the song transcriptions on this YouTube playlist:

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Someday My Prince Will Come - Miles Davis
Someday My Prince Will Come
 - Miles Davis

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