About Me

Andrew started Guitar Lessons at age 13 after having previously been taught on the Piano. He graduated with a B.Sc. from Liverpool University and decided on gaining further education and experiences within the music industry.
During this time he has managed to increase his knowledge and musicianship on the Guitar by having regular private lessons firstly in Jazz Guitar and more recently in Classical Guitar from well known College and University Guitar Tutors. Andrew has also been in regular demand for music preparation work which has allowed him to become accustomed to professional arrangement styles and develop a strong theoretical understanding of music.
He has performed solo and within ensemble groups in both Jazz and Classical styles and is continuing to develop his performance skills by playing regularly at gigs and workshops within the local area.
As a teacher he has taught Guitar Lessons to a range of ages and styles including rock and pop, as well as Classical and Jazz. He hopes that his lessons are always tailored to the needs of his Guitar students so that he can impart a lifelong love and appreciation of music.  

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